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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 30, 2009 10:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Update: My beloved wife has gone on to her next adventure -- peace

hey liam --

sorry for your loss. you are obviously a very sincere person. i have never thought anything else actually..... whenever i have seen your NAME on the board i have always thought -- "what is LIAM up to today?.... he is such a great, sincere fan..... there is nothing going on here other than a lover of the music...."

well you are THAT -- but obviously you are MORE are a real person floating out in the world, grounded here only by the love of some very profound music -- and you sought some company.... people who could understand the way in which this music and this life have transformed you, into liamfinnegan, but more, into YOU.

around here, you speak, and then you are off into your world. after a brief stop here on this message board -- you fall back into that world where there are very important things happening.... and now something REALLY IMPORTANT has happened -- something VITAL, that everyone can relate to. relate to more than just the Grateful Dead, and the way we all relate together to that.

you are chucked up into an eternal contemplation. you are related to not just a small group of like minded fanaticals here on the inter-human-connection-net.... but to every person who has ever lived.

i am a little overwhelmed by the GRAVITY of this thread.... i hope this all eases the intensity for you LIAM -- if you can put some of it out there, maybe there is a little less you need to take in.